Welcome to RESTORE My Prayer Closet

“A key to creating a home meditation practice is to create a space where busyness stops.” 

Thich Khat Hahn

Hi,  My name is Eugenia, and welcome to the first course at The Empowerment and Restorative Institute.  I am nervous and a little shy about this new course on this new platform, just as I am nervous in the picture below. Something you don’t know about me, I can be shy at times. Yup, wearing the clergy collar for the first time was one of those moments.  It took me at least 15 minutes to enter the building that day. Visit www.eugenialrobinson.com to learn more about me (please note, it is new too).

Maybe you are nervous or having second thoughts on whether you should attend this 12-month long mentorship. I encourage you to rise up to the challenge! It is stated, if we want something different, we should do something different, so let’s be different. Join me on this new journey. Let’s be the difference!  

This is your time to RESTORE Your Prayer Closet!

  • Protect Your Time - Create an appointment with yourself
  • Set alarms in your calendar
  • Prepare the downloadable hand-out ahead of time
  • Create that one space where you will join the monthly meeting
  • Have your tools ready: Bible, notebook, prayer journal (suggested)
  • Become familiar with the Facebook Group
  • Feel free to ask questions use the appropriate question form

Here is a brief introduction to each speaker:

Meet Donna Morgan-Morton.  Mrs. Morgan will share with you her unique closet and how she responds has an amazing prayer closet. Her story will inspire you to tap into your Source to attain the Resources you need to fulfill your life mission.
Learn More

Meet Dr. Sharon Apopa. Dr. Apopa is a mental health professional, will share with you how to break the bondage of silence in your prayer closet that you may be set free to help others.
Learn More

Meet Dr. Jean Thomas-Jeremy. She will share with you how she won battles in her unique prayer closet. 

Meet Evangelist Joan Simmons. This missionary will share with you how she receives downloads of strategies in her prayer closet to make a global impact.   Learn More

Meet Prophetess Zeta-Mae L. Burrows. She will speak on Spiritual Warfare, particularly related to family adversity, and stand as an overcomer in her prayer closet.  Learn More

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Welcome to RESTORE My Prayer Closet

“A key to creating a home meditation practice is to create a space where busyness stops.” 

Thich Khat Hahn

  • Meet Eugenia
  • Meet the Speakers 
  • A brief description of some sessions
  • How to prepare yourself for each session
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