Restorative Vision Boarding Experience

Let me ask you a few questions. WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON THESE DAYS?

  • Do you lack self-motivation?
  • How are you doing with meeting your deadlines?
  • Are you ready to do you and ignite your passion? 
  • Are you willing to try this transformative journey? 
  • Are you prepared to release the past and restore your dreams or visions? 


I promise you this EXPERIENCE will help your manifestation goals, whether planning a wedding, a bucket list, retirement, education goals, family summertime, a road trip, income streams, or a mission plan. Once you have created the vision board, it will become invaluable to fulfilling your dreams. 

This virtual experience will take you deeper than other vision board parties as you select your visual representations to place on a project board. It is an EXPERIENCE that will have you own your success and declare, “I AM GONNA GET IT DONE!”

The online version of the Restorative Vision Boarding Experience, a personal development workshop, was explicitly created to reach and empower more individuals who cannot attend the face-to-face EXPERIENCE led by Coach Eugenia.  

The workshop design allows you to complete it at a comfortable pace within four weeks for an introductory price of $65.00. This price is the best part; you can reuse, not recycle, the whole experience again because you will own it. 

While on this journey, you will experience four major roads to success. They are: 

  • Road to RELEASE - In this module, you will go through a process of forgiveness and discuss self-sabotage.  
  • Road to REFRESH - In this module, you will complete an exercise to empower yourself, which is fitting because you emptied your mind, body, and soul in the previous module. You will also create SMART goals. 
  • Road to RENEW - In this module, you will transform your goals into a visual representation; it does not require creativity just a vision of your manifested dream. SUGGESTION: To make the best of this module, block out some “ME TIME” or make an appointment with yourself, prepare the snacks, and set a playlist of your favorite music. 
  • Road to REGROUP - In this module, you will create a plan to manifest your goals. You will receive suggested timelines and accountability tips. 


  • In the comfort of your location
  • Private and personal development
  • Work at your own pace, anywhere and anytime
  • Create Goals
  • Create a Visual Representation
  • Create an immediate plan
  • Curate declarations
  • Build virtual relationships
  • Reusable, downloadable, and fillable workbooks


  • Real-life application guides 
  • Additional reusable worksheets
  • Become part of a Facebook community with like-minded individuals. 
  • Lifetime access to the RVBE Material


  • Introductory Price $65.00  

Transform your mindset (to)

Experience Manifestation (by)

Restoring anything lost (which will)

Increase your prosperity

Let me point you in the right direction with a road map to MANIFESTATION - One Vision at a Time!

Own the package today!

Payment Options:  

1. Click here to create a Paypal account  OR

2. Direct Deposit: Butterfield Bank, Eugenia L. Robinson, 15 Boundary Crescent, Devonshire, Account No: BNTB 0604017490013 

3. For more information Email 

6 Modules

Join the Community

Welcome to the community!

Visit the Facebook group to introduce yourself. 

Click here for the Facebook Group

Module 1 - Release

By the end of this module, you will become free! This is the first and most life-changing module for this experience. This module will focus on forgiveness and self-sabotage.  

Take your time with this module. 

Module 2 - Refresh

By the end of this module, you will have the tools needed to plan, create, and execute your vision board.  Enjoy your time building yourself up. It's all about you!

Module 3 - Renew

In This Module you will

  • Clarify your vision board goal.
  • Schedule "YOUR" time!
  • Prepare your space.
  • Let the creation begin!

Module 4 - Regroup

REGROUP promises to assist you in verbalizing your vision and guide you to share your visual representation of your goals confidently with other like-minded people. 

Modules for this product 6
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